Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Welcome to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn....and the Magic of Christmas

Dyker Heights is a Brooklyn neighborhood located between Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge.   It is famous for its Christmas lights and decorations.  Nothing can prepare you for for what you see with the lights, and it definitely puts you in the holiday spirit.  Saturday evening my son, daughter, and a few friends gave me a surprise evening out which included a tour of Dyker Heights.  It was cold as heck...and crowded....but definitely worth it.  For the next few days I'll be sharing the many pictures I took.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas memories

At Christmas
A man is at his finest towards the finish of the year;
He is almost what he should be when the Christmas season's here;
Then he's thinking more of others than he's thought the months before,
And the laughter of his children is a joy worth toiling for.
He is less a selfish creature than at any other time;
When the Christmas spirit rules him he comes close to the sublime...

Edgar Guest

Last night my son Jerry and my daughter Lisa surprised me with a night on the town.  We first ate at Walburgers Coney Island, then headed over to Dyker Heights, the magical Christmas village of Brooklyn, and ended the evening with hot chocolate at an Italian Pastry shop.  Never tasted hot chocolate like it.  We had the special--hot chocolate, chocolate chips, marshmallows, cinnamon, and whipped cream.  What an awesome night...and so many pictures to share.   

 My son Jerry with his girlfriend, Tahnee closest to us.  My daughter, Lisa, and her friend in the back.  My friend Ellen next to them, and of course, me next to Jerry.

 My daughter and her friend, Peppi.
 Jerry and Tahnee
 What a cheerful little out of the way place.

A kind soul took this picture of all of us in Dyker Heights.

Didn't want to overwhelm.  More to come.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Friday.

Good morning and a very happy Friday. It's a cold day here in Brooklyn. Winter has arrived. I've been having a lot of shoulder and shoulder blade pain lately so I've been typing as little as possible as this seems to aggravate it. (Need a new chair. Mine is too low).

So, for the time being I will only be publishing one blog a day. Today I published on "On Turning 70" Hope to see you there.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Greetings.

Rich, fatty foods are like destiny: they too, shape our ends.

Author unknown

Good morning everyone. Another cool day ahead. I don't mind at all. At least I am not standing here trying to guess what I should wear. This morning I'm going to walk it to church, then hop on the bus and head on over to Key Food for a few items. Thinking I 'might' be able to eat a salad. Teeth are feeling fairly good. The bottom I still only keep in for a few hours at a time. In and out. Then in again and out again. The top is pretty glued in and doesn't budge until it's time to put them to bed for the night. I am due this month for my re-alignment. My gums have shrunk and the denture is too large, but I hesitate around holiday time. What if I have to go through that painful, not able to wear period again? Not now. Maybe in January I will deal with it.

Why is it that when we get so close we tend to sabotage all the good we did? I'm only 20 pounds from goal now, and that not only means feeling a sense of accomplishment, but also lifetime membership and FREE meetings. I did well last week. I had been at a 53 pound loss, then just before Thanksgiving found myself at a 50.8 pound loss. That's when I knew that I had to stop this downward spiral now before it got out of hand. Did well last week. No chips or candy. But always hungry and nibbling on fruit. Took of 1.2 and halted that downward spiral, but have to really focus on what I am doing. Stop kidding myself that it's only fruit so I can eat all I want and gorging myself. Nope, it's fruit yes, but everything adds up in the end. 
The other day I was thinking, "Wow, in only a few short months I will turn 70."  I can't believe it.  But, time marches on and there is no denying it. To me, the 60's are the new middle age, but 70?   It hit me then that I would like to start a journal as I enter what I consider the final third of my life.  I started writing, but not so good at handwriting lately, fingers ache after awhile, so I have started a new blog.  http://onturningseventy.blogspot.com/

I will keep up with Moontides, but not as steadily as I once did.  This blog was my first, and I will never let it go, but I seem to have run out of things to write about.  Of course, that could change at any time.  Who knows how the creative juices will be running next week.

I close now with pictures of my three newest angel.  The crystal angel in the middle changes color. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday This and That

You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it’s all right. 
Maya Angelou

Good morning everyone. It's going to be the last nice day here today because tomorrow the rains come. Had plans for every day and going to go ahead with them, just switching them around. I'd planned on going to Burlington to exchange a couple of jackets I'd purchased with quarters.

Yes, you heard me write. I bought them with quarters. Been saving quarters for years and have a thousand dollars or more. They've been sitting around taking up space so I started taking them a little at a time to the bank. So, with the last batch I took I ordered the jackets, but, alas, they don't fit. Rather than go through all the bother and waiting for a refund if I send them by mail, I figured I'd go to the store in person. That way I'll get a store credit and be able to try on first.

Years ago my dad's twin bought his first new car with change that he had been saving up, so always take your change seriously. It takes time, but it does add up.
 So, I was planning on going to Burlington tomorrow, but not with the rain. I just switched days and tomorrow will go to the bank instead.
 Ordered some pretty little doilies which I received on Saturday.  Love the color of them, but such a disappointment in size. No wonder they were only $1.65 each. I figured a way to use them.   Luckily

 Also trying to figure out how to put a topper on my tree. Don't think an angel will do because the top of the tree just won't hold them, it keeps bending over, so I guess I'd best look for a star I can maybe tie on?
Finally, my daughter sent these photos of my old house which has been sold.  It's heartbreaking that they are chopping down those big old trees.  They've been there for probably hundreds of years and have many stories to tell.  And I guess the new owners just aren't thinking about summer at which time the sun beats down on those windows and the only saving grace was those beautiful old trees.
 Have a good one.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Afternoon This and That

It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.

John Burroughs,

Good morning everyone.  It sure is a cold one out there.  Winter has arrived.  Yesterday the wind was cold and blustery, and I saw snowflakes in the air.  I know some had snow, but we only had a few flakes.

Had a busy weekend.  Wrapped all my gifts yesterday.  Well, almost all of them.  I bought my daughter and two granddaughters a Chakra healing bracelet.  They have so many health issues.  My eldest granddaughter has heart problems, my youngest now is awaiting news to see if her biopsy shows cancer, and my daughter has kidney issues and high blood pressure.  So, I bought them each a bracelet then typed out what each crystal in the bracelet stands for.  Now I just have to get to the library to print out three copies.  Then I can wrap.  My grandson was in Afghanistan and loves army things so I bought him a fantastic army hat, but putting it in a box will only bend its shape so I have to get a gift bag for that one. 

Now to decide where to put them since I decided to get rid of my 24 year old tree and get a smaller tabletop model.  Guess I will just stack them up somewhere in the living room.  Today I'm going to hang around and take care of Christmas cards.  So proud of myself for getting everything done early.   

 Otherwise, all is done and ready for the big day.  Still unsure of holiday plans.  Was hoping to have the family meet here on Christmas Eve and all attend mass together, but I don't really know if that will happen.  I've not been a part of their life for so many years, and they have developed their own traditions.  Like Thanksgiving, I called my daughter to invite her and my grandchildren, and she said "all the kids missed her home cooking for the holidays so they were all going there.  Would you like to come?"  Maybe I am too sensitive and am expecting too much, but I felt that if they had 'really' wanted me to come I would have been called and invited, not invited as an afterthought when I called.

It's been so joyful for me being reunited with family, but it's also been bittersweet as well, and I often find myself in tears.  They all say they want to get to know me, but no one ever calls to ask how I am doing.  No one ever comments on my Facebook, even when I post that I am not feeling well.  Yet, I went to my mom's Facebook page, and they were always sending her pictures and online cards.  I know I am probably expecting too much; after all, my mom was mom to my daughter and grandma to her children, and I am but a stranger,  but that doesn't stop it from hurting.  

Thank you for listening.  It felt good getting it out.

Have a good one.

Friday, November 18, 2016

I'm Back

When you are nine years old, what you remember seems forever; for you remember everything and everything is important and stands big and full and fills up Time and is so solid that you can walk around and around it like a tree and look at it. You are aware that time passes, that there is a movement in time, but that is not what Time is. Time is not a movement, a flowing, a wind then, but it is, rather, a kind of climate in which things are, and when a thing happens it begins to live and keeps on living and stands solid in Time like the tree that you can walk around. And if there is a movement, the movement is not Time itself, any more than a breeze is climate, and all the breeze does is to shake a little the leaves on the tree which is alive and solid.

Robert Penn Warren
Good morning all.  Gosh it's been such a long time since I've been here.  Each morning I promise myself to visit, and by the end of the day I've just been so drained.  There has been so much going on in my life...and time just moves along at top speed. 

I have finally completed my nutritional consultant classes.  Now I am just waiting on my certificate.  I worked hard to earn that.  Now I can put NC and HHP after my name.  Currently I am studying for two certificates.  Yes, I am definitely a lifelong learner.  My newest classes include both Angel and crystal healing.  At the end I will have certificates in both.  

I also have continued with my classes at Brooklyn College....which are now coming to an end in a couple of weeks....just in time to prepare for the holidays which this year will be pretty busy.  For one thing, my daughter and her husband have separated (nasty story), and she has moved back to New Jersey.  Therefore, I am hoping to put together a big family get-together around Christmas.  I would love to have it on Christmas Eve so we could all attend a church service together, and then come home to party...but actually, haven't really planned anything yet.....

...because my granddaughter has just had surgery on her cervix. She's had abnormal tests for a year, since the birth of her third child, and now the tests look pretty bad so they took half her cervix and plan on doing a biopsy.  Don't know why her doctor waited so long, or why she didn't go for a second opinion long ago, but it's too late now to question things.  Now all we can do is pray.  She is so young and beautiful with three small children.  My heart is aching.  So you see, the holidays right now are on hold.

Other than that, life continues.  I've passed the 50 pound hurdle in weight loss, and with 20 pounds more to go, I seem to have entered another plateau.  Gain .4, lose .4. stay the same, lose .4, gain .4 and so on for weeks on end.  I really, really want to hit goal for that awesome sense of accomplishment that comes with it....but also so I can become a lifetime member and attend my meetings for free.

A few recent pictures....

 Went for a smaller tree this year.
53 pounds lighter
 While waiting for the bus.
My crystals...

 Have a good one.  Promise to drop by more often.  I know, you've heard that one before, but with school letting up I will definitely have more time.  Thanks for not giving up on me.